Thai Rivera

"I am not smart. So what?"


Thai Rivera was first discussed on the podcast in mid 2020, after he tried to start an argument on a Facebook post with Patrick, getting emotionally frustrated, and then blocking Patrick in the span of hours. All of this happened without Patrick even responding to Thai at all. Thai then proceeded to post on his own Facebook wall about the interaction, completely misrepresenting the facts and rewriting the events to fit his own delusions and dreams. Relive the story yourself in the episode titled “Cryptic Shade.” Since then, the show occasionally checks in with Thai to see what other insane situations he’s gotten himself in to, and it never disappoints. One of the saddest liars in the Las Vegas comedy community, Thai Rivera is certain to bring laughs for years to come; at least on this show.
Thai has been thrown under the bus by many comics in the Vegas scene, even though a lot of younger comics still suck up to him.

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