NLO 1434: Gato Genial

Patrick is here with a basket full of life lessons that are sure to apply to you somehow, so grab a spork and dive in. We kick off the show talking about people who go gray at a young age, and how embarrassing it is to try to hide it. Patrick has some new creations from Daddy Derek Savage and Cool Cat. These videos are short and disturbing, and are sure to make you feel better about your life. We watch Big Irish Jay’s infamous “blacks joke” and decide if it’s racist. Patrick taks about Josh Denny and Gavin McInnes trying to prank their audience with a fake raid by the authorities. It’s a fail of such giant proportions that it has to have been concocted by Josh behind the scenes. Owen Benjamin reveals the prank on social media and Josh throws a fit. Irma Ruiz busts in to the chat and demand Patrick watch and critique her videos.

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Episode Guests

Josh Denny

Josh Denny

Los Angeles, CA
Thai Rivera

Thai Rivera

Las Vegas, NV

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