NLO 1413: Go To Your Room

Patrick’s been busy, but he’s never too busy to keep you posted, fair children. Dental surgery isn’t fun, but Patrick will stumble through a show with a painful temporary crown just to bring you the hot tea. Thai Rivera is texting friends frantically, trying to find a place to live for the second time in just a few months. Will he ever claw his way back from comedy obscurity and the dankest open mics around to be a force of laughter ever again? Let’s check out the motel Thai is considering making his new home. The Academy Awards was exciting. No one watched but we all saw the clips. Patrick will break down the Will Smith slap like none of your regular shows does. Patrick has beef with a company that sent him some beef. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a man angry about brisket, strap in! Pour a drink and pop in your earbuds!

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Episode Guests

Thai Rivera

Thai Rivera

Las Vegas, NV

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