NLO 1356: For Heaven’s Sake

Patrick is excited about the possibility of pivoting to a gamers only podcast. We are proud to announce that we are the only podcast with GeForce RTX graphics. That can’t be, can it? People need to stop worrying about Patrick being poor. It’s all going to work out. We check in on some of the latest insane rants and exclamations from our favorite tinyman, Thai Rivera. Patrick again urges people to stop posting and arguing on Facebook for the sake of your own sanity. Comedy flyers are still awful during the pandemic. Trez Mala is making videos where he literally watches grass grow. Daddy Derek Savage is going banana nuts on YouTube about Jesus and is completely wrong about the origins of heaven. But none of that compares to his new film production, Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus. It’s about a cat that punches virus balls but also a dog that wants to kill children. If only any of that wasn’t true.

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