NLO 1416: Whine Country

Patrick is back from a wedding in California and has some stories. Shooby’s wedding was fun, even if it was a long one and Patrick had to rent a tux. Tuxes are magical at making fat people look important. Of course there’s also some complaints. Avelo airlines is a little nuts and their planes may be falling apart. ACE rental cars is ripping people off and the employees aren’t quite sure if you need insurance. Artisan coffee shops need to get it together if they’re going to walk around like their beans don’t stink. The Santa Rosa airport is more tiny than you can imagine. Elon Musk has purchased Twitter, nothing has changed, and yet weak-minded dopes everywhere are losing their minds. Pour yourself a sarsaparilla and try to calm your emotions long enough to pull the good chair in to the TV room for a show.

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