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PARASOCIAL PARABLE! Unstable Crazy Fan “Jessi” SPERGS Out With LIES & Cope!

Patrick has always said that the most rabid fans are the ones that turn the fastest. The latest version of this cautionary tale involves a woman we’ll call Jessi, because that seems to be what she goes by on the X. Come watch the cautionary tale of impatience, paranoia, and the complete spiral of reality that is Jessi the super fan! Oh, boy! It’s one you’re not going to want to miss!

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NLO 1446: Tip Me, Daddy!

Patrick is here on a Friday night, and the drinks and opinions are flowing. On this show, Patrick explores Donald Trump’s latest scam – collectible NFT trading cards, featuring some of the sickest Trump memes out there. What is he doing with this money? Who are the idiots advising our leaders? Elon Musk becomes more and more unhinged as he lets his personal emotions dictate policy at Twitter, sometimes with very little notice to users. Is someone after him? Doesn’t he have other companies to run? The White House is probably lying. Wild Fork Foods sends Patrick a very special gift package. Women are confused about who they are and how they are supposed to behave ad relate to men on dates.

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NLO 1418: Ass Me Anything

Patrick is back after embarrassing himself last show with excessive drink. That won’t be happening this time. Patrick is still trying to get an Xbox, so somebody please get on that. Kenan Thompson is a bad person and is running a scam for the ages. Patrick has done some research and has uncovered one of the biggest comedy grifts going, perpetuated by a Saturday Night Live all-star and a real estate agent. It’s worse than it looks! Nick Starr-Street is in the chat room and wants to call in but Patrick knows the rule about inviting vampires in. Wait until you seen The Tweets I Seen! Josh Denny is up to his old shape-shifting ways. Thai Rivera has tweets that make no sense, border on racism, and constantly miss the

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NLO 1416: Whine Country

Patrick is back from a wedding in California and has some stories. Shooby’s wedding was fun, even if it was a long one and Patrick had to rent a tux. Tuxes are magical at making fat people look important. Of course there’s also some complaints. Avelo airlines is a little nuts and their planes may be falling apart. ACE rental cars is ripping people off and the employees aren’t quite sure if you need insurance. Artisan coffee shops need to get it together if they’re going to walk around like their beans don’t stink. The Santa Rosa airport is more tiny than you can imagine. Elon Musk has purchased Twitter, nothing has changed, and yet weak-minded dopes everywhere are losing their minds.

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NLO 1411: Crossing David

Patrick is back after a week of lethargy and food-borne illness. Vomiting on your dog can be therapeutic, if anyone is asking. David Cross is mad at Patrick about a tweet, and it did not go well. Patrick tries to explain this giant misunderstanding, but who knew David was so sensitive? This Why is everyone so obsessed with lying to themselves? We talk about comedy specials and why yours probably isn’t great. Did Aakash Singh blow his comedy load too early? Thai Rivera is serving ice cream and performing in dark desert tents, and is trying to gaslight the world in to believing both of those thing equal success. If you’re hate watching, it’s fine, just know that Patrick will win you over.

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NLO 1185: The Brexit Club

Shooby sits in for this Thursday evening show, as we bite our nails about the Brexit. The United Kingdom is in the middle of a political gaffe that has stolen the attention away from the

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NLO 1180: Aficiocado

Shooby sits in for a show and we’re loaded up with stuff today. We talk about Shooby’s recent houseguests – two Asian girls who packed more for one weekend than most people own. Patrick is

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NLO 1138: Previous Engagement

The show is off to a late start because of an unexpected police visit. It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s pretty nerve-wracking when police are shuffling around your secret lair of broadcast debauchery. D-Fritz calls

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NLO 1093: Fritz.Sundayz

Ya boi D-Fritz joins the show via Skype from sunny Los Angeles. As it turns out, Fritz really hates Josh Denny and can’t wait to jump all over him for his behavior on social media.

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NLO 1065: Ask Me Everything

Patrick does his first solo show in New York to plow through some stories. We talk about what’s gotten in to our old pal Josh Denny, who is apparently gone completely fruit loops with delusions.

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NLO 1050: Webslight

Our website has been taken down by our web host, and we ain’t too happy about it. Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw are in studio to help drink the pain away. Patrick discusses what’s going

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AS 1019 – Josh Denny, D-Fritz

Josh Denny and D-Fritz stick around for an aftershow. Josh teaches Patrick more about Twitter marketing. Fans are skeptical. Lukster finally gets annoyed at Patrick’s fake commercials. This is a long and funny one. You’re…

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NLO 1019: Ribbing

Josh Denny and D-Fritz are in the studio on this sweltering LA afternoon. D-Fritz is grumpy and tries to tell a story about getting a tooth pulled, but Patrick and Josh will not let him

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NLO 967: Cliff Cash Sucks

Patrick is in the studio solo this evening for a quick update show. The majority of this show focuses on a comedy simpleton named Cliff Cash, or Clifton Freeman Cash, or CliffCashComedy. Either way, this