NLO 1418: Ass Me Anything

Patrick is back after embarrassing himself last show with excessive drink. That won’t be happening this time. Patrick is still trying to get an Xbox, so somebody please get on that. Kenan Thompson is a bad person and is running a scam for the ages. Patrick has done some research and has uncovered one of the biggest comedy grifts going, perpetuated by a Saturday Night Live all-star and a real estate agent. It’s worse than it looks! Nick Starr-Street is in the chat room and wants to call in but Patrick knows the rule about inviting vampires in. Wait until you seen The Tweets I Seen! Josh Denny is up to his old shape-shifting ways. Thai Rivera has tweets that make no sense, border on racism, and constantly miss the point. He’s also pumped out a new podcast where he gets really sad at the end, but it could just be about his sign falling down. Stop being mad at Elon Musk – he isn’t your dad. Twitter is a pit of lies. We should all be ok with losing some of the not-yet-around kids. Knock it off with the God stuff.

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