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November 10, 2023 – B-DAY PARTY! Patrick’s FAVORITE Clowns of 2023! P.O. Box Treasures & More!

Come celebrate Patrick’s last day of being forty-three years old! We’ve got a lot of boxes and envelopes to sort through. Patrick also has some loose ends to tie up to make the week tidy. You can guarantee there will be some sort of Steel Toe nonsense. Patrick wants to know where Spider Alomar is hiding and why? Where is Mr. Big Shot? Chad Zumock’s roast cope train begins. Michael Ray Bower keeps warning of us of a purge…from his toilet. You won’t believe what filmmaker is working on a new cut of old footage with the laziest new character yet! Who knows what other surprises await! Come join the PARTY, baybeeeee!

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MELTON in the MORNING! (May 19, 2023)

It's Friday and Patrick cannot wait to just take himself to the lake. It's the birthday of one of our most lusted-after members. Join NLO in wishing Dirty Dalish a happy birthday with a birthday card design contest. We get a very weird and exclusive tour of Compound Media behind the scenes. MLC is getting weird and Kevin Brennan is no longer in the Bob Levy business. KC Armstrong delivers his most unreal performance ever as he gets played like a grade-school recorder live on his own show! No MEMBERS ONLY show tonight - join us tomorrow at 6pm ET/3pm PT for our very first Smoke Show. Grab your own pork shoulder and cook along with Patrick!

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NLO 1418: Ass Me Anything

Patrick is back after embarrassing himself last show with excessive drink. That won’t be happening this time. Patrick is still trying to get an Xbox, so somebody please get on that. Kenan Thompson is a bad person and is running a scam for the ages. Patrick has done some research and has uncovered one of the biggest comedy grifts going, perpetuated by a Saturday Night Live all-star and a real estate agent. It’s worse than it looks! Nick Starr-Street is in the chat room and wants to call in but Patrick knows the rule about inviting vampires in. Wait until you seen The Tweets I Seen! Josh Denny is up to his old shape-shifting ways. Thai Rivera has tweets that make no sense, border on racism, and constantly miss the

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NLO 1367: The Big 41

It’s Patrick’s birthday, and although he appreciates the love and gifts from those who have gathered. Enough is enough. Some people don’t understand what gifts are good, and what gifts are chores. Amazon gift cards or cash, please. None of this other feel-good horseshit. Patrick ordered a new iPhone 12 Pro that should be delivered today, but UPS is fucking it up royally.

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NLO 1305: Pizza Sheets

Patrick is in the studio to ring in his birthday with former roommate Shooby and superfan Steve Curran. The drinks are flowing and the Juul’s are charged for this thirty-ninth birthday bash, and Steve even

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NLO 1244: Boblinson

James Hesky and English fan Bob sit in for Shooby’s last show in NYC! Shooby is off to San Francisco on a cross-country train journey to begin his new life working for Uber. We look

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NLO 1190: Shoo-B-Day

It’s Shooby’s 25th birthday and we’re celebrating with vodka and Trump! Patrick is readying himself to take off to Europe, and he’s squeezing in a vodka-infused show before he goes. On this episode, we learn

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NLO 1114: Brunch with Graham

It’s Shooby’s birthday and we’re celebrating in-studio with drinks. We also have ya boi D-Fritz on the line to discuss our upcoming Seattle show and also talk about some of the shenanigans we plan to

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NLO 1007: Jake’s Bortday

Ex-comedian and everyman Jake Lloyd is in the studio today to catch us up on all things Jake. Patrick is all over the place on this one, but it’s a long and fun show. Jake’s

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NLO 971: Big Boy Birthday

The studio is packed today, with comedians Al Jackson and Cornell Reid, and D-Fritz in the corner. He’s not on the ones and twos, though. Al Jackson is late and needs to leave early. I’ll

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NLO 966: ADam

D-Fritz is clouding up the studio with his cuteness tonight. Patrick does a late show after venturing out with D-Fritz to see the new Jackass Bad Grandpa movie. Patrick can’t get the idea of getting