NLO 1452: Black Guilt

Patrick is back with some interesting facts and a whole lot more screaming, so if you love to head that kind of stuff, start getting hard now. If you don’t like it we all know you’re going to watch anyway. Kitty Pineapple can’t stop messaging Patrick and she really needs to decide if she’ sorry or tough. Casper and David “Holy Shhh” Hulett are struggling with their open mic, and instead of money you can now win noodles for the best set. Summer Sinclair thinks she can sing and needs to be dragged behind a car immediately. Comedians think goin viral is a credit but their social media accounts can never back it up. The Comedy Store experiences more drama as Patrick gets word of a physical fight between Sam Tripoli and girl band Machine Gun Kelly. Stupid people love to talk with their fists. Kumail Nanjiani isn’t satisfied with more roles – he wants them all. The Golden Globes trot out their new host Jerrod Carmichael and it goes bad very fast. Watch a talented comic have a mental breakdown about race and being a victim. Jerrod wipes away crocodile tears with one hand while pocketing a $500,000 check with the other.

***The Golden Globe/Jerrod Carmichael portion of this show is heavily edited and lots of sound is muted out due to copyright use. For the full version of the show and aftershow, download the audio version from the website or watch the Overdose version of the video.

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