NLO 1453: Headliners & Hoodwinks

The Las Vegas comedy scene is unique. Whether it’s the tendency of shows to be shorter, allowing comedians with less material to “move up” before they’re ready, or the mystique of being on stages meters away from icons and superstars, there is a level of delusion and flippant disrespect for both the art form and the process by which one becomes great. Patrick recently attended a night of programming at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club programmed by Adam Dominguez that was not only insanely disappointing, but indicative of several larger issues in this city. Every comedian who does fifteen minutes in a strip mall bar in Las Vegas thinks they are a headliner and have a fan base. Ever confused dummy with a day job is convinced they’re a viral video superstar, regardless of the number of likes and comments on every post they fling at the web. And everyone producing a show seems to be filling their lineups with untalented shills who can possibly reciprocate a favor or another mediocre booking. Where does it stop? Why does everyone seem to be obsessed with looking like a talent than being one? And why are most of the clubs and other comedians in town not only ignoring it, but perpetuating the nonsense?

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