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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "lies"

AS 1227 (Part 1) – Nick Starr

Nick Starr and Brian Street stick around for an aftershow. We fire up the first episode of Red Bar Radio from the Anthony Cumia network to watch how it’s done by the guy who hates everything.  

Christmas Eve 2016 – Part 1

Patrick goes live to discover he’s being talked about live during the show. Slowly and surely we begin to uncover the lies told by Mike David and the psychological tactics he is using to lure weak minds to his show. Mike calls in and tries to play diplomatic, throwing out hypotheticals like a bitch.  

Christmas Eve 2016 – Part 2

The shit show of pod-arguing continues. We uncover and expose more of the lies behind Red Bar Radio and Mike David.  

NLO 1198: Mike Drop

Patrick, Liverpool Sean and Edinburgh Mikey sit around and discuss the fringe. Mikey fesses up to the lies he told the night before when he blew off Wes, Steve, Cory and Shooby. We found out his intentions with this young lady. We talk about our new series, Assasicast, and also plot ways to kill Patrick. […]

March of the Pigs – IndieNoNo Edition

For those following the latest on Josh, check out the latest small-batch lies.    

NLO 1127: Nein Eleven

Patrick is joined in the studio by Moody’s ex-crush, Mikala. Mikala, an old friend of Patrick’s and popular comedy socialite, has moved to New York City from Miami, where she’s been hiding for the past two years. On this show, we talk about Mikala’s new cracked phone, and how she needs a man soon because […]

Josh Denny – The Mad Mic Podcast

Josh is up to his old tricks, lying to new friends. We tear apart this interview he did on another podcast, including the editing out of several slanderous comments and lies. We set the record straight in this 4+ hour show, co-hosted by Lukster.    

NLO 1105: 300 Miles

It’s time for a Fritz.Sundayz investigative special. Patrick is joined by D-Fritz in a studio. A studio apartment. Patrick travels to Los Angeles to take care of some business and move his car. Ya boi journeys out to the storage unit with Patrick to begin planning the new NLO store. Patrick breaks open the mystery […]

NLO 1100: Hella Haterz

Patrick is in the studio solo today to address a ton of hate coming our way. In the first half of the show, Patrick talks shortly about Letterman retiring and what it means to him. The chat is not in the mood for normal “content” and insists we move on to addressing the recent hate […]

NLO 1098: Questions and Danswers

You might want to sit down for this three hour show with comedian Dan Nainan in studio. The subject of a lot of internet hate for years, Dan Nainan is a half Japanese, half Indian comedian who will not shy away from telling you how well he is doing. Steaks. Women. Travel. His Tesla. And […]