November 30, 2023: Chad Zumock DOUBLES DOWN On DUMB!

Chad Zumock is desperate for attention. He’s an unloved alcoholic with no income, no prospects for a career, and no friends or relationships to lean on as a support system. After being arrested over and over for victimizing veterans and the elderly, stealing identities and credit cards, stealing from stores, driving drunk in to trees, losing jobs at radio stations, and lying about career credits and highlights, what’s a loser from Cleveland in subsidized housing to do? Chad’s latest Thanksgiving grift is afoot! Watch as we dive in to Chad’s lies and Chad’s cope on the latest EMERGENCY EDITION of Nobody Likes Onions. Who is dumber? Chad Zumock or the person he thinks you are? The startling criminal history and the journey of cascading mistakes by a dummy at the end of his rope are in this crucial episode!

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