NLO 1456: Killing The Beef

The producers of Laugh After Dark along with host Charlie Wilson have graciously offered to assist Patrick in making Butch Bradley look like a complete out-of-it dope for all the internet to see! The Laugh After Dark producers are starting a podcast segment called Kill The Beef, where they are inviting comedians with issues in the community to come in and work them out. Patrick jumped at this chance to call Butch Bradley out on the mat to crush this situation. Will Butch respond? Will he tell the LAD peeps that he can’t do it? Edwin San Juan pops in the chat to explain his lack of trust of Butch, and also reiterated that if Patrick was making false claims about him, he would definitely come to the table to work it out. Patrick is excited either way, for the opportunity of sitting down with Butch to work this out, or for the world to see him decline to squash a beef that he is most certainly guilty of perpetuating. Don’t miss this show where Patrick talks MAD SHIT about everyone! He’s so crazy and mean!


AFTERSHOW for OVERDOSE Members only – watch Butch act like a maniac on stage in 2015 when Patrick was working with him – we have the lost tapes! Patrick shows a bunch of his own cringe comedy to the chat audience and want to hide under the table. Don’t miss the second half of the show!

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