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NLO 1456: Killing The Beef

The producers of Laugh After Dark along with host Charlie Wilson have graciously offered to assist Patrick in making Butch Bradley look like a complete out-of-it dope for all the internet to see! The Laugh After Dark producers are starting a podcast segment called Kill The Beef, where they are inviting comedians with issues in the community to come in and work them out. Patrick jumped at this chance to call Butch Bradley out on the mat to crush this situation. Edwin San Juan pops in the chat to explain his lack of trust of Butch, and also reiterated that if Patrick was making false claims about him, he would definitely come to the table to work it out.

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NLO 1450: Bummer Sinclair

Patrick addresses some misunderstandings and makes some apologies for his past aggressions. Lex Las Vegas and Leah Menudo don’t deserve to be treated like common crooks. Kitty Pineapple is still just a gimmicky joke. Patrick has some tips for smoking meats. William Strange is a broken-brained, weak sourpuss of a man who uses being a victim to gain sympathy when it’s convenient while acting like a complete psychopath himself. Summer Sinclair raised her hand recently in a Facebook thread that was asking for female headliners, and no one deserves it less. This chick is closer to Andy Kaufman than any trans Dole whip out here in these streets. Patrick offers some advice to comedians who think that lying to themselves and others in a healthy look.

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NLO 1433: Johnny Go Brrrrr

You’ve been missed, children! Patrick is back from NYC, Scotland and Lake Tahoe and he has stories. So much has happened that we need to discuss! There’s new comedy specials, from local friends and big stars. Patrick has heard a super-sad sprinkle of a rumor through Agent O reports about a beloved member of the Las Vegas comedy community. Patrick can’t stop watching the creations of other Vegas comedians. Thai Rivera has appeared on an episode of Kill Tony, so he can’t edit out his ticks! We watch a mentally ill local Vegas guy named Johnny Brim who, for some reason, thinks he’s a savage comedian, but more closely resembles a lonely fat boy on a playground who’s not sure who to mimic to fit in.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1431: Laugh After Dark, Mark Seritella

atrick continues his questioning of Robert E. Lee from Laugh After Dark. Patrick has been offered a comedy special taping and he has some complicated demands. The chat gets in on the action. Rob tips off Patrick that something has gone wrong at the Comedy Supernova show according to Jozalyn Sharp’s social media. The show is booked and run by Mark Seritella, who Patrick had an awkward interaction with in 2012 and the relationship went south from there We dive back in the archives to watch the awkward show unfold at the mention of Mark’s receding hairline. It all becomes unhinged more quickly than anyone imagines. Was Patrick fair to Mark? Is Mark a good person?

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NLO 1431: Laugh After Dark EXPOSED!

Sorry for the clickbait title! Patrick talks about receiving an offer to do a comedy “special” for the fine folks at Laugh After Dark. His self-esteem is not at a peak, and he thinks the idea of doing a comedy special in this climate is crazy, as well as his complete inadequacy when it comes to quality and quantity of comedic talent. Rob, one of the producers of Laugh After Dark, joins the chat because apparently someone has tipped him off about the discussion. Patrick runs a bunch of insane requirements and ideas by Rob, who seems more amused by some than others. Two things are clear – there will be a standing ovation and there will be a performance by the UNLV drumlins.

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NLO 1430: My Niece in Florida

Patrick doesn’t feel like doing a show, but you mean so much to him, he’s gonna do it – probably. Patrick is frantically preparing travel plans to get on the road and do some shows this summer abroad. Thai Rivera may be done streaming his open mic, as he continues to send his baby birds, aka open mic mid-wits, to do his bidding online and beyond. Comics need to stop saying they kill all the time. Somehow Patrick gets lured in to discussing all the pressing hot topics of the day again, and we are mostly talking about the ending of the tiny ones. Patrick invents a new character, Neil DeGrasses Diceman. Patrick learns he doesn’t even know what he’s wrong about.

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BONUS: THEFT On The Vegas Comedy Scene!?

Come along and ride on my fantastic voyage! Make money for you and your family from the comfort of your own basement! Operators are standing by to take your livelihood! Call from a landline for best results! No dogs allowed! Our old crippled comic friend Thai Rivera has dropped a new video claiming his old partner and friend AJ Rivera has been stealing money from him. With no friends, no money, and no prospects, where will Thai go next? The latest edition of the Ocha Bar Open Mic melts down in to complete dysfunction live before our eyes. Thai harasses and performs what seems to be light inappropriate behavior on a first-time young comedian.

Bonus Stuff

NLO Watch Party – Thai’s Comedy Calamity!

BRING SOME POPCORN! We’re checking out Thai Rivera’s so-called “open mic”, which is really just an ugly narcissist’s cope party, where he weilds his small amount of leverage to be worshipped by clueless open mic mainstays. Enjoy this “comedy show.” We watch comic after comic compete for Thai’s cruel love, until Thai finds out we are watching and CUTS THE STREAM! As soon as this show went off air, he turned the stream back on and began the final 3/4 of the show! Boooo! This show is available on YouTube or for Overdose Members only on the membership RSS feed and website.