NLO 1450: Bummer Sinclair

Happy New Year, baby girl! Join Patrick and a choir of crustaceans as they sing about their new year’s resolutions and sacrifice entire limbs to Ra about it. Patrick addresses some misunderstandings and makes some apologies for his past aggressions. Lex Las Vegas and Leah Menudo don’t deserve to be treated like common crooks. Kitty Pineapple is still just a gimmicky joke. Patrick has some tips for smoking meats. William Strange is a broken-brained, weak sourpuss of a man who uses being a victim to gain sympathy when it’s convenient while acting like a complete psychopath himself. Summer Sinclair raised her hand recently in a Facebook thread that was asking for female headliners, and no one deserves it less. This chick is closer to Andy Kaufman than any trans Dole whip out here in these streets. Patrick offers some advice to comedians who think that lying to themselves and others in a healthy look. Skippy Sprinkles is horrible for the comedy scene. Davian Velez allegedly loves to wave a gun around and urinate in his own house. The Vegas comedy scene is the most embarrassing epicenter of sad sacks you’ve ever seen. Lock your pet ducks up! Tonight could get mild as fffff…

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