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September 5, 2023 – VIVA LAS VEGAS! Comedians Are DELUSIONAL In The Desert!

It’s Tuesday, and Patrick is doing another afternoon show. This time he is on painkillers so he can hopefully last a little longer with his sun-damaged dermis. Patrick wants to abandon the MLC-related stuff for today. Will he succeed? Las Vegas comedians have been running amok lately and we should check in on the mental health of some of our most broken souls! Once again, the Edwin San Juan podcast delivers some gold again with our old friend Lex Las Vegas. Let’s try to have a nice time, ok? Nobody start no fights or nothing.

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BUTCH BRADLEY: Courtroom Clown – The Lawrence Bradley Files

It’s been nearly two months since Patrick was served papers for a hearing at his home while broadcasting live. After the hearing, Patrick revealed that it was comedian Butch Bradley who was attempting to obtain an order of protection because he and his salsa-making girlfriend were allegedly in fear for their lives. Come join Patrick today in the first ever screening of the courtroom tapes from that hearing, and marvel at the number of lies told to a judge under oath. The cringe is real, and it’s thick. You’ll wonder how one human being can be so unable to comprehend the law, simple language, and how anything in this world works.

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NLO 1458: Colonel Slanders

Patrick must have gotten a good night’s sleep, because he’s downright cherubic at the outset of this show, complimenting the good nature of people like Big Irish Jay for good deeds gone unnoticed. It makes Jay uncomfortable, but isn’t balance important? Patrick also shines some light on Johnny Brim and AJ Rivera who seem to be running a great show on Friday nights here in Las Vegas. Josh Denny can’t interact with his own chat during live shows. The World Series of Comedy is gearing back up and LA Comedy Club can’t jump fast enough to be a part of this low-tier comedian grift-fest. They’ve dragged their new venue at The OYO casino in to it, where Laugh After Dark will be slumming it for their new residency starting this weekend.

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NLO 1456: Killing The Beef

The producers of Laugh After Dark along with host Charlie Wilson have graciously offered to assist Patrick in making Butch Bradley look like a complete out-of-it dope for all the internet to see! The Laugh After Dark producers are starting a podcast segment called Kill The Beef, where they are inviting comedians with issues in the community to come in and work them out. Patrick jumped at this chance to call Butch Bradley out on the mat to crush this situation. Edwin San Juan pops in the chat to explain his lack of trust of Butch, and also reiterated that if Patrick was making false claims about him, he would definitely come to the table to work it out.

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NLO 1445: Bitchin’ About Butch

Patrick is sauced up and dives in to the always-entertaining world of comedian Butch Bradley, detailing his bad behavior over the years, including his attempt to slander, libel, and fail to pay Patrick for services rendered. Who is this INSANE and UNHINGED comic, where did he come from before the Las Vegas scene, and why is here here? Patrick talks about his LA Comedy Club residency, his questionable treatment of friends and loved ones, and the facade and uncomfortable vibes that make up the world of Butch Bradley – the FUNNIEST comedian in Las Vegas! Don’t you agree? 😂

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NLO 1435: A Night of Apologies

Patrick is fresh off his appearance on the Laugh After Dark podcast and he’s going to spill all the dirt. Our chat room members are all hiding something. Patrick has a big announcement about the Overdose to kick off the night on the right foot. There’s a word of warning for people thinking about home invading Patrick in the future. Johnny Brim spent his Monday trying to find enough signal out at Hoover Dam to post multiple cope fits about the recent show that covered his roast with Casper. There’s been a giant misunderstanding and tonight we get to the bottom of it. Johnny Brim shows up in the chat and the boys bury the hatchet like gentlemen of means. Casper the Comic might be more insidious than we originally realized.

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NLO 1412: Doggy Door Drunk

Patrick is back after weeks of not doing shows, and while he was a little under the weather, he isn’t going to use that as an excuse. The truth is, sometimes a man has to step away from the digital and get in touch with the material world. And sometimes a man has to cut a hole in his house to put in a doggy door. And sometimes a man has to blab in to a microphone while drinking scotch. On this show, Patrick catches listeners up on what he’s been up to as well as answers questions about tough accusations from other comedians. We talk about Roy Johnson, old friend and co-host of the show, and how he’s completely lost it when it comes to joking around.

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BONUS – Vegas Comedy Monsters!

Catching up with some local Las Vegas comedy drama – this city gets weirder and weirder. Thai Rivera check-in and watch of his latest garbage fire content. Bring a juice, bring a wine, have a snack, have a time. In this episode we dive in to some of Thai’s favorite Vegas comedians to see just what then have that makes them so promising. We also explore comedy wingnut Gretchen Boshart to study what a train wreck attempt at a comedy career looks like. Put on your biker jacket and stain your teeth – she’s a keeper! We’re here for the lolcows, we stay for the friendships. I think I’m having a stroke.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1396: Thai Rivera Tries and Lies

Patrick dives in to the latest microagression on his ears that is Unbothered. Thai Rivera hastily recounts the events of last weekend where he was allegedly assaulted by another member of the comedy community. But is everything as it seems? Is Thai really the victim he wants you to think he is? He is claiming that the attack was racially motivated, but also that it stems from hurt feelings over a Facebook blocking. It’s sad to watch a man try to play tough but also work every possible angle in the world to be seen as a victim. The delusion reaches new heights, and of course he wanders down a million paths in his memory, reliving countless past altercations and times he has had major fall outs with friends. It’s almost like there is a pattern, but someone is too dumb to see it.

Bonus Stuff

BONUS: Thai Claps Back!

Patrick listens live to the latest collection of clipped together sass Thai calls a podcast to see what’s new in the comedy world. Or in Thai’s little corner of it. After Thai’s long week of burning bridge after bridge, Thai goes in on even more comedians, bookers, and friends. He wrestles with the idea that he has a mental illness, and later in the show begins messaging Patrick DURING THE SHOW begging him to take down the videos and asking what needs to happen to make all this analysis cease. In this special show, we listen to Thai’s latest beefs, excuses, lies and even rebuttals to Patrick’s overwhelming and constantly accumulating pile of evidence.

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NLO 1381: THAI RIVERA vs. TRIXX Full Breakdown

Joke thievery is no laughing matter! The Las Vegas comedy scene is spicy, and most of the bickering centers around everybody’s favorite drama donut, Thai Rivera, accusing Canadian comedian Trixx of joke theft – the most unforgivable of comedy crimes. Who’s lying? Who did what? Is there more to the story? Let’s listen to what Thai has to say, and hold his attempted joke theft exposure up to what we know about his past behavior. Let’s see what proof and substance Thai provides to try to ruin the reputation of a Canadian comedian he used to call “friend.” Is time running out for Thai in Las Vegas?

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NLO 1380: Recalibrate Your Crazy

It’s another weekend in Las Vegas, and the streets are sizzling with sweet, sweet comedy drama. In this show, Patrick share some great news from his HOA. He grapples with the prospect of getting the vaccine soon and asks for listener feedback. The show might switch to YouTube for live shows soon, because Twitch is too woke. Patrick has taken to selling graphics cards on eBay during the shortage, and has some unkind words for Craigslist shoppers. Patrick recaps all the history with Butch Bradley, as it’s become a topic of discussion again recently. Two individuals on Facebook have caught Patrick’s eye for their short fuses and inability to self-soothe. Catherine Maloney is mad at men, herself and the world, and want’s everyone to know about it.