NLO 1380: Recalibrate Your Crazy

It’s another weekend in Las Vegas, and the streets are sizzling with sweet, sweet comedy drama. In this show, Patrick share some great news from his HOA. He grapples with the prospect of getting the vaccine soon and asks for listener feedback. Artist Lane has some new demands from Patrick before we commence the NFT project. The show might switch to YouTube for live shows soon, because Twitch is too woke. Patrick has taken to selling graphics cards on eBay during the shortage, and has some unkind words for Craigslist shoppers. Patrick recaps all the history with Butch Bradley, as it’s become a topic of discussion again recently. Two individuals on Facebook have caught Patrick’s eye for their short fuses and inability to self-soothe. Catherine Maloney is mad at men, herself and the world, and want’s everyone to know about it. Rumor has it Josh Denny’s latest show was cancelled due to lack of sales. Brian Scolaro accepts Patrick’s invitation to do the show, and then cancels just hours later. What’s going on? Thai Rivera is accusing Trixx of stealing his R Kelly jokes. Thai Rivera gets in to a fight with Jill Kimmel, who happens to be Jimmy Kimmel’s sister. Everyone at LA Comedy Club hates Thai and takes shots when he leaves.

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