NLO 793: Tradesmen

KEN BARNARD is in the studio for an awesome Wednesday show. We talk to a caller who is 18 and drunk, and also kicked his father out of the house with a machete. We talk to his friend who works at a KFC. Patrick offers to help people quit their shitty jobs. We are headed to New York on Friday for our live show. Ken makes Patrick re-think his tattoo choices. We talk about a petition from some idiot adopted kids against Marvel Comics. We check in with a fat guy who is pissed at his local all-you-can-eat fish restaurant for cutting him off. We read some letters from fans. We watch a video about a carpet cleaner who jerks off in people’s homes and sniffs panties. We talk about fat people taking responsibility for their fat. There’s a huge new UFO scare based around some weird things happening at the sun. Patrick is afraid of the apocalypse, and wants to organize an NLO Apocalypse Army. We get a call from our buddy Adrian who works at Dominos Pizza. We close out the show with the return of Is It Gay? and a lot of talk about ass play. Get on board!


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