NLO 798: Gosh McDarnitt

Comedian and actor JOSH MCDERMITT is in the studio, and we’re talking about all his amazing quirks, like how he owns stock in the Packers and what that even means. Brian King also joins the show to talk about Packers stock. Josh is also a pilot of hot air balloons. We scold a caller about how to not get alerts during work meetings. Max calls in and is not a fan of Josh. Josh has shitty sandwich parties, and brings bread to Patrick before the show. Patrick makes Josh uncomfortable with his dark and heartless jokes. Lots of Jew bashing for no reason. We talk about our man titties. Sleep tests suck. Your body freezes itself before sleep, and other sleep facts from a caller. We have some very strange voicemails. TONS of Overdose content is on the way!


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