NLO 801: Aurora Snorealis

Comedians Ken Barnard and Matty Ryan are in the studio. Patrick is concerned about his giant man tits. Fruit Stripe gum used to be the shit. What is Prometheus? Is it related to Alien? Remember when Sygourney Weaver wore those horrible panties? Nobody knows how to do a Bob Dylan impression. Atari video games were the worst. The curb stomp scene in American History X is not something to play at a party. Patrick thinks a fifteen year old is hot, and then immediately doesn’t. We watch a kid send a sick love video to his girl on YouTube. Patrick is working in Boise with Roy Johnson. Lots of cool new stuff in the Overdose, including the recent NYC content. Patrick thinks everything should have icing, including popcorn. Patrick has big grilling plans. The NLO store is in peril – what should we do? We watch a woman eat her husband’s ashes, or cremains. Patrick knows the bass line of Walk Like an Egyptian. No big deal.


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