NLO 820: Levels

We have Brian King and Starline in the studio for a THREE HOUR SHOW! It’s a more down to earth show tonight, and we are all over the place. This show has so many levels. We talk about jacking off, old podcasts, porn sites, Brian’s uncircumcised hog, the unfortunate loss of a previous show host, vaginal reconstruction and behind the scenes studio stuff. Patrick wants Star to be his personal assistant, and Brian is tight lipped about his World Record. We also talk about Brian’s previous work with Lights Over Paris, and director Tony Scott’s body of work. Some people call in. One pisses Patrick off. We also discuss Patrick’s recent break up and trip to Vegas, beef jerky supplies, and Patrick’s life. Brian gives us some masturbation tips, Patrick teases some material for the aftershow, and then shit gets real when Patrick talks about a word that starts with the letter N.


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