NLO 827: Queen Killer

ALLI BREEN is on the show. Hasn’t Patrick learned his lesson about inviting women guests to the showgrum by now? Our intrepid hosts learn about the comedy formula from a washed up engineering professor turned funny man. Patrick wants his fans to tweet ultra-uber-mega star and Home Improvement cast-member, Richard Karn, urging him to co-host a show. Jersey garbage dump resident, Cory, is still mad at Patrick, but that doesn’t deter her from calling the show and demanding Overdose content. Patrick teases a huge, benjamin earning, high-faluting project that will impress the hardware store girls he is trying to date. Fans of the show record voice-mails and send emails. Bruce Willis calls out Apple for not allowing him to bequeath his Bon Jovi albums to his children (possibly false), but Patrick quickly tangents to remote control airplanes. Alli throws Steve Jobs’ lifeless, rotting corpse under the bus so the tenets of capitalism can be upheld. Gender roles, braggarting, fandom, and gaiety are discussed and Patrick screams his distaste for The Big Bang Theory. Allie and Patrick love black crowds, so that’s a thing. Be prepared for impromptu singing and rainbow crosswalks.

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