NLO 847: Enjoy It!

BRODY STEVENS and MIKALA are in the studio to join Patrick in a real depression-fest! Brody, big-time movie star and star of his own HBO series “Enjoy It,” is in the studio talking about everything from couches to medication. Patrick is on a new health initiative in which he eats hot dogs every hour of the day. He might also go to the gym. Brody divulges his past as a baseball hotshot, and Patrick reveals why his left eye is forever damaged. Patrick and Brody might both be partially gay. Fortunately, there’s a hot black listener that wants to be an intern, so Patrick of course plots to bang her. The trio laments on how difficult comedy is, which gets things real depressing. Brody shares about a manic episode and his struggles with being bi-polar. Patrick and Brody bring down the house with a rap battle!


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