NLO 849: Gods of Horror

This show features PATRICK MELTON (no, a different one), along with his writing partner, MARCUS DUNSTAN. The duo are responsible for a lot of recent horror films, including FEAST, SAW IV-VII, PIRANHA 3DD, the upcoming GOD OF WAR movie and much more. Also comedian KEN BARNARD is here. Patrick and Marcus discuss their origins of writing, how difficult and how painful it can be. There’s a lot of industry talk, and movie references. This is a great interview for any fans of the SAW movies. Patrick has a live pitch session, and tries to sell the duo his Saw-inspired movie ideas. To seal the deal, Patrick does his Jigsaw impression. We also explore some emails that fans of the Saw movies accidentally sent to the wrong PM, and stupidity ensues. Patrick went to Vegas for his birthday and makes a confession about steak. He also breaks a studio camera.


Episode Guests

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