NLO LIVE: BOB LEVY Calls In, Chad Can’t Stop Watching, Drunk on Cringe is BACK! (August 11, 2023)

Happy Friday, finicky friends! Kevin Brennan calls out Bob for allowing himself to be played a manipulated by Shuli over the recent acquisition of Chad Zumock by the nework. Is Shuli playing everyone? Is he afraid of Chad? We talk and get to the bottom of it. Bob Levy calls in to explain and also talk a little bit about Chad Zumock and the upcoming Atlantic City meetup. Alex Stein gets a taste of Kevin Brennan’s wrath. Ray DeVito is podcasting with his new German shirt overload, Drunk on Cringe, and it goes about as well as you can imagine. Chad Zumock can’t stop watching NLO and calls in over and over and over to try and control what little part of the narrative he is still a character in.

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