November 16, 2023 – R-TARD THURSDAY! Steel Toe DELUSION Peaks! Old Man Brennan! CRINGE Rap Group!

Patrick’s show rundown sheet overfloweth with many much more mopes to make mirth about! Sorry about that, but it’s hard to write a description for a show that hasn’t happened yet! Steel Toe is in dire straits, and they are putting out the early feelers to get their favorite benefactor Captain Chandler to send in piles of cash. Will he oblige them? Josh Denny is bigger than ever and has never had more podcast experience, but he still has no idea what he’s doing. Kevin Brennan has become too easy to impress in his old age and Patrick has some thoughts about it. There’s a new rap group sweeping the northeast and you’re going to want to grab your earplugs about it, fam. We out here on these streets!

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