October 12, 2023 – R-TARDS UNITE! KC Armstrong is WORSE Than We Thought, Joey C Is An Italian Clown

Patrick is trying to recover from a week of neglecting his show duties and entertaining Moody. Sure, it may not be Moody’s fault that the shows are late on the podcast feed, or the thumbnails and descriptions are have been off or lower quality than usual. That’s life, baby! Patrick has a new iPhone, though. So let’s focus on the important things in life! KC Armstrong is unaware of everything going on around him. He has a studio with fancy mics and headphones, buttons and sliders and more, but he’s too dumb to know how any of it works. Patrick drives the chat nuts with a parody song loop. Joey C has a new plan to get Melton and it’s the most laughable plot he has attempted yet. Come laugh at this untalented felon with us!

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