October 13, 2023 – SCARY! Friday the 13th, Chad Is CHOKING, P.O. Box Treasures

Hello, fellow humans and others in their midst! It’s Friday, and we’ve got some many misfits to study in our hopper today. Chad Zumock is quickly undoing his entire persona – OGAIN – to get back in the graces of his papa Kevin. What is Kevin doing? We watch some of Chad’s most embarrassing recent videos and breakdown his confidence for the world to see. Joey C and his family are a complete nightmare. Wait until you hear about Chrissy and Tracie, and some other degenerates branching out from this family tree. We have a Stabby C mugshot to comb over! It’s Friday the 13th, and our PO Box has some packages that might need the hazmat unit to stop the entire studio from being cursed.

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