September 25, 2023 – OLD MAN Brennan Needs Clues! Congrats Geno & Kiki! Chad Zumock Is a ZILCH!

What a weekend, and what a life! Congratulations to Geno and his lady for getting engaged, although this means Geno is no longer single, and therefore not available for Aaron and April to have a threesome with. Patrick has been beaming all weekend after Butch Bradley’s embarrassing Friday performance on Kevin Brennan’s podcast. Will Misery Loves Company be the final podcast where Butch talks about this, or will he run his mouth again. Does Patrick have a prayer at a defamation case, or is Kevin Brennan right when he says “you can’t just sue people.” We shall find out. Steel Toe has some new cringe to examine. Chad Zumock cannot stop lying, unless he’s reading. When he’s reading he stops his breathing. Let’s have ourselves a merry little Monday, shall we?

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