Who will be Mooby's co-host on the first Wednesday morning with a Corey-free Steel Toe Morning Show? Will it be The Scrimp? What will today's mid-show snack be? What are The Tampa Files? Will Chad be in trouble? Can Patrick really help you save money on your car insurance? All these questions and more may be answered, but remember that they probably won't be. We remind every one of Corey Adams potential, we get some great new Aaron and Thai poetry, and Patrick gives his thoughts on Chrissie Mayr while the chat keeps on hating. The best part of today's show is Aaron trying to convince himself, The Scrimp and the audience that he's done all he can do on the internet, there is no real competition online, and he needs to return to a small-town terrestrial radio station with April to prove he's number one without a doubt.

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