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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "chris gardner"

NLO 1242: ODB

Comedian and weed expert Chris Gardner is in the studio with some big accusations. Apparently there may be a giant weed coverup going on, and Patrick doesn’t know anything about how to pack bowls. This show is heavily reliant on transgender news and topics, from some Caitlyn Jenner bombshells to a Heineken ad tricking people […]

NLO 1219: Creepy Clowns

Patrick is joined by comedians Chris Gardner and Jon Schoss. On this show, we talk about the latest election happenings with Hillary, Trump and even touch base on Obama and how he may be disappointing to black voters. We watch a video of Amy Schumer at a show in Tampa, Florida, where she calls a […]

AS 1160 – Chris Gardner, Evan Jones

Chris Gardner and Evan Jones stick around for an aftershow. We take a look at some weird creatures, including lizards and spiders, and a man named Jungle Bob.  

NLO 1160: Nahhhh

Comedians Chris Gardner and Evan Jones are here to argue about candy. Not argue, but for some reason that’s how we kick things off. Patrick doesn’t understand why we don’t have new candy or new sports invented anymore. We take a look at a Wal-Mart employee that can’t wait until he gets home to jerk […]

NLO 1152: The Squatter

Comedian Chris Gardner joins the show today to talk about how big his apartment is. Patrick launches into a massive Shooby News update, where we learn some of Shooby’s bathroom habits, and we also find out how lazy of a cook he’s become lately. Some of the powerball winners from last week are out of […]