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PM in the AM – Mon, Sept 26, 2016

Patrick is primed for the debate tonight with The Donald. We also talk about some other news stories that occurred while Patrick was away, including a girl who probably killed her parents and faked her own abduction. Brad and Angelina are breaking up and it’s no one’s fault.  

NLO 1190: Shoo-B-Day

It’s Shooby’s 25th birthday and we’re celebrating with vodka and Trump! Patrick is readying himself to take off to Europe, and he’s squeezing in a vodka-infused show before he goes. On this episode, we learn that some people think they know how to behave when you get pulled over, Donald Trump is a free publicity […]

NLO 1184: Coyote Base Camp

Comedians James Hesky and Eli Sairs are here to talk about how hard it is to pee in New York City. We recap the tragedies (plural) in Orlando this past week, including the shooting of a singer from The Voice, a little boy who got munched by an alligator, and the shooting that people can’t […]

NLO 1183: Vocal Fries

Comedian and all-around charmer Alli Breen is here, and we’ve got a lot to discuss. This show was recorded days before the Orlando shooting, so we focus mostly on trivial conversation and petty arguments about things that don’t matter. Alli thinks hotels are just as dirty as comedy condos. Donald Trump is probably going to […]

AS 1182 – Clinton, Kanye West

Patrick details how emperor Trump is going to win the world. We take a look at Kanye West causing chaos in the NYC streets this past weekend.  

NLO 1182: Bring Out Pink

Comedian and lesbian impersonator JC Coccoli is here for a funny but short show. JC has recently moved from Los Angeles to New York, and she’s learning that getting around sucks and also it’s hard not to be a sweaty gross mess here. JC clues Patrick in on what to expect at the Edinburgh Fringe […]

NLO 1178: The Purgemen

James Hesky is in the studio and we’re sipping on bourbon like gentlemen. Your Friday show includes breaking news of a shooter at the White House, the latest on that EgyptAir flight that went down Wednesday, and Kanye West going bananas on the Ellen show. Kanye believes he can change humanity in the next one […]

NLO 1177: Cignificant

Patrick is joined by Shooby and old co-host Roy Johnson in this show. Patrick is back from a three week trip across the western part of the United States, including Idaho, California, Las Vegas and even a quick trip down to Tijuana, Mexico. Roy Johnson is mellow as fuck in his Oklahoma life, and we […]

PM in the AM – Tues March 15 2016

Beware the ides of March and also more than you wanted to know about duck sex. We check in on the latest Tommy stuff, and Moody calls in.  

PM in the AM – Tues, Mar 1, 2016

It’s the first day of March and PM has your AM, FYI. Raven Symone is an idiot, and the view is stupid. Donald Trump exposed as Drumpf by John Oliver. The latest madness from Crazy Joe and his circus of delusion.  

NLO 1160: Nahhhh

Comedians Chris Gardner and Evan Jones are here to argue about candy. Not argue, but for some reason that’s how we kick things off. Patrick doesn’t understand why we don’t have new candy or new sports invented anymore. We take a look at a Wal-Mart employee that can’t wait until he gets home to jerk […]

PM in the AM – Feb 3 2016

On this PM in the AM, Patrick cruises news topics. We watch some Trump and ultimately land catching up with a lot of shit rock bands from the early 2000’s.  

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