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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "donald trump"

NLO 1238: Tight Head

If ever there was a drunk show, this is one of the drunkest. James Hesky joins in to shake his head disapprovingly of Patrick’s rantings on everything from Trump blow jobs to Nazis that maybe weren’t so bad after all. We talk about the latest drama in our ongoing podcast war with Mike David. We […]

NLO 1231: Acceptable Hate

James Hesky sits in during his first show with Trump as our evil overlord. We talk about the current political climate, and mostly agree that people need to calm down with outrage for outrage sake. The Women’s March was a huge event all over the country, but we aren’t quite sure exactly what they were […]

PM in the AM – Inauguration Edition

Kick back and watch Donald Trump become the leader of the free world. We watch the whole thing happen live, and the crowds are nuts.  

NLO 1230: Thainosaur

It’s pretty much like a Game of Thrones episode, because we’ve got Brits and a dragon. Not a dragon. Just Shooby in a stupid dinosaur costume with a voice that is suffering the effects of a week of partying on Holy Ship. Long-time fan Dave from England (or as you may know him, Gay Dave) […]

NLO 1229: Hoagies and Hate Crimes

It’s a packed studio and we’re all bundled up with some hot buttered rum. Patrick doesn’t know what it is, but comedians James Hesky and Tim Unkenholz are enjoying it, courtesy of Ross Parsons. Somehow we argue a lot about New York delis. We’re pontificating about the Facebook live torture from last week and arguing […]

NLO 1226: Shakes on a Plane

Comedian James Hesky is here to put to rest rumors of his suicide after the election of Donald Trump. We’re sipping on a local New York whisky and talking about what to do with a private jet supposedly being donated for 25 hours of our use. Patrick demands a larger jet with all of the […]

PM in the AM – Thurs, Nov 10, 2016

We catch up on all the election speeches from the important people and more. Patrick gets a call from an internet marketer. We catch up on Tommy videos and more.  

Aftershow 1222 – James Hesky, Ross Parsons, Tim Unkenholz

The shit show continues and we watch Hesky lose his shit over the Trump win. Join the other comics and Shooby as we watch the continued election coverage, and Shooby gives a tutorial on rolling the perfect joint.  

NLO 1222: The Trumpening 2016

It’s election night, and Patrick is joined by a roundtable of comedians to ring in the reign in the terror. James Hesky is here, and if anyone was ever on-edge about the impending election results, Hesky fits the bill. Ross Parsons and Tim Unkenholz also sit in to provide some insight on the election and […]

NLO 1218: I Slay

Patrick and Shooby do a show talking about all the events of the past week. Did you know Donald Trump likes to grab women by the pussy? And that the media and people everywhere are acting like it’s the most offensive thing they’ve ever heard and no one talks like that in everyday life? Patrick […]

PM in the AM – Mon, Sept 26, 2016

Patrick is primed for the debate tonight with The Donald. We also talk about some other news stories that occurred while Patrick was away, including a girl who probably killed her parents and faked her own abduction. Brad and Angelina are breaking up and it’s no one’s fault.  

NLO 1190: Shoo-B-Day

It’s Shooby’s 25th birthday and we’re celebrating with vodka and Trump! Patrick is readying himself to take off to Europe, and he’s squeezing in a vodka-infused show before he goes. On this episode, we learn that some people think they know how to behave when you get pulled over, Donald Trump is a free publicity […]

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