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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "drama"

NLO 1277: Wesketti and Queefballs

It’s Super Bowl weekend and there’s a lot of weirdo NLO fans wandering Vegas. This show attempts to catch people up with where Patrick has been and some of the stories from overseas. We also dive in to some of the drama already settling in the Queefhaus, a shady AirBnB rented by Wes and a […]

AS 1086 – Chip Chip Chris

Patrick and Chris dive deeper into Carolla on this aftershow. We find out about some drama between him and his former news girl.    

NLO 1061: Friending Fritz

It’s our very last show in the Los Angeles studio, and it’s a doozy. The studio is filled with regular favorites D-Fritz and Jake Lloyd, and it’s going to go from one end of the awkward spectrum to the other. The first hour or so of the show is a real battle royale of an […]

PM in the AM 31 – Bubblin

Just a quick morning hangout talking about the topics of the day.    

AS 1053 – Fan Hangout

Join a hangout with some fan favorites and also some newbies. We see a new shy girl, guns, and much more. Cliff shows us how he guzzles Pepsi and also smokes. It’s super cool!    

NLO Hangout 3 – D-Fritz, Fans

It’s another NLO fan hangout, and this one has tons of creeps. Meet new fans and of course hear from old favorites. We talk about a lot of stuff. Enjoy.    

NLO 1041: Al Needs Pants

Al Jackson and D-Fritz are in the studio, and the vodka is being drank. D-fritz gets some more ragging about his racist girlfriend in front of Al. Al and Patrick have some really serious, intense moments that seem almost comically dramatic. We take a lot of phone calls, from both guys and girls. Our old […]

NLO 1035: Defending Denny

D-Fritz and fan Asher are in the studio today for a pre-Independence Day celebration. Shortly after the show kicks off, Josh Denny shows up to talk about the recent hate he’s been getting on the Facebook group from some fans that seem to be a little two-faced. We take calls from people who battle with […]

NLO 1033: Dookie Number Two

D-Fritz is in the studio today to talk about his take on the Dookie saga. We also learn some new Dookie information as we go over her retorts and attacks on Facebook. The fans weight in via phone and chat, and to top it all off, we get a call from the Dook herself to […]

AS 875 – Al Jackson

Al Jackson sticks around for an aftershow. We get phone calls and Patrick gets real.  

NLO 728: Let’s Do Dis