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DEVITO vs. ZUMOCK: Two Cleveland Nobodies Battle For Irrelevance

It’s time for one of the most idiotic battles in comedy! Who is funnier? Will it be career felon, failed radio disc jockey and all-around woman repellant Chad Zumock, or the sunsetting simpleton with troubled toes, Ray DeVito? You don’t care? Join the club! Chad set this up as an excuse to keep appearing on MLC and vanquish his most obvious competition for daddy Kevin’s love, while also padding out his calendar between one nighters all over the Florida swampland. One thing is for sure – this will be an unorganized competition of tools, with no clear winners other than the MLC podcast and it’s listeners who will ultimately revel in the sad display of machismo by two inept men who don’t realize the fight left them a long time ago.

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Aftershow 1404: Josh Denny’s Alternate Reality

Talk about a blast from the past! Don’t call it a comeback! Our friend Earl Skakel finds his way in to Josh Denny’s home to do an episode of Josh’s latest podcast, Jenksterz, and they get deep in to some old shit. Josh launches in to stories about Patrick and begins to weave a quilt of malformed memories that leave even seasoned fans of Denny’s normal horseshit astounded. Josh then begins to go in to some insane story about Patrick refusing to help Tom Segura launch his podcast, and continue attacking the character of the most fair man on the podcasting planet. Watch Denny squirm in Patrick’s old kitchen while Earl sticks up for Patrick, and Denny accuses Patrick of networking and making friends in Los Angeles comedy spheres.

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NLO 1404: A Wristed Development

Patrick has been taking the week before his birthday to relax and float about in his newly installed swim spa. The bubbly warm waters flowing over a boy’s parts is rejuvenating to no end. Ask someone about it. It’s the fountain of youth for a senior citizen such as Patrick. We start the show by noting the fragility of life and taking a moment to remember another fallen comedian this week. Does anyone know what to do with a broken or busted wrist? Is there a wrist doctor or some sort of hand specialty place you can go to? Patrick wants to smoke a brisket for Thanksgiving, but thinks he needs a turkey as a backup. Also what are the must-have Thanksgiving sides right now? Josh Denny does an interview where his memory is broken.