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NLO 1234: The Undateables

Patrick does a show with Sean in cold and rainy Liverpool, England. We talk about everything from the insane wind and rain plaguing this God-forsaken city to Uber and how their drivers in London are turning into real dicks. Patrick has his own suite at Sean’s house now, but it will soon be occupied by […]

NLO 1066: Dungeons and Draggin’

Everyone’s favorite tattoo artist slash sexpot Cory is in the studio. We’re also joined by Shooby to find out why his room smells like hot broccoli farts. Spoiler alert – it’s broccoli. Cory reveals to us that she’s pretty much pimping out some boy slave for money, and that she’s involved in some sort of […]

NLO 1055: House Hoarding

On this show, D-Fritz is in the studio to tell everyone about Patrick’s issue. It’s an issue that affects millions of people, and one that can be quite personal. Patrick is getting ready to move to NYC, and his packing and preparation are being stunted by the fact that he has been hoarding crap for […]

NLO 1054: Outbacklebees

Our favorite Ken Barnard is in the studio, and we promise to keep the Wendy’s stuff to a minimum. We talk about rent and obligations, and Patrick gets some advice from a fan. Ken and Patrick try to guess where the fan is from. We learn about the latest horrible idea plaguing Mitch Hedberg’s widow […]

NLO 1053: Smellilizer

Comedians Cornell Reid and Tess Barker are here for this content-packed show. Patrick talks about all the recent goings on with the prep for his move, including some recent snags. Cornell and the gang ponder the Apple watch and it’s coolness. We take some calls about white trash and how it varies around the country. […]

NLO 1052: Crotch Cash

It’s the last Moody show of his visit to the United States, and ya boi is here too. D-Fritz joins us for a show that is funny, but all over the place. Moody tells a story about going out with Patrick to an In N Out and Patrick rubbing the cash all over his balls […]

NLO 1015: More Ice

Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio, and there’s plenty of ice. Patrick is having a series of mini panic attacks about the Federal government and what they think is their fair share of money he doesn’t have. Cornell is still having a baby, and for a few minutes we make some very […]

NLO 964: Coconut Meat

Comedian Chris Porter is in the studio today trying to cheep Patrick up. Patrick has a pretty terriffic life, if you ask Chris, and that’s the message of today’s show. Be happy with what you have. Patrick talks a little bit about Halloween candy and what sucks. Chris teaches us all a little something about […]

NLO 936: MacBookless

Patrick does another solo update show. This one clocks in at just over one hour long. Patrick takes some calls and rants about his frustration with the Apple store and getting his MacBook Pro repaired. Apple is not communicated and it’s not a good thing. Patrick somehow rants on Bitcoins again, claiming he’s going to […]

Aftershow 791 – Brandt Tobler, Josh Denny

Brandt Tobler and Josh Denny are in the studio. We talk about everything from money to reality shows. We talk Vegas. Josh reveals a creepy sex dream. Brandt is starving. Short aftershow as we head out to the Food Truck Festival to get our eat on. There’s a little rapping, but mostly just shooting the […]

NLO 776: jRobot

JOSH DENNY is back in the studio, and woah, this show gets real. I think we have a real friendship breakthrough therapy session. Also in the studio are fans Ben and Brendan, and Brendan brought Patrick some litter he painted with an NLO logo (it’s actually a cool painted bottle slash incense burner – and […]

NLO 754 – Special Sunday Show

This is the special live show Patrick and Josh did on Sunday, January 22.   Thanks to everyone who has been helping.   CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST for more news when I have it and check back here often!   DONATE with PayPal DONATE with 2CheckOut (Visa, Mastercard, AE, Discover, […]

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