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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1280: Uncle Roy Returns

Patrick is joined by former regular cohost Roy Johnson in Tulsa, Oklahoma to do some comedy shows. Oklahoma is like another planet where everyone is super religious and they take it pretty seriously. Roy’s friend and comedian Lacey Hunt joins as well to get drunk and talk about her affair with a married man as […]

NLO 1265: Van Tastik

Singer, songwriter and one-man band Van Tastik sits down with us in Edinburgh. Van is a half French and half American artist whose unique blues style has been winning over crowds at the Fringe, getting him attention from major media outlets such as the BBC. On this hybrid talk and music podcast, we talk to […]

The Crazy Joe Remix Show

If you think you’re tired of Crazy Joe, we urge you to give this one a try. We set Crazy Joe to different beats to bring a totally new experience,and also talk about other things.  

TCJS – Dec 21, 2016

Crazy Joe has had it with The Onions this time, and he’s ranting about it. He interviews some shitty band and takes calls from Onions. The usual.  

2015 American Music Awards

Patrick watches the AMA’s with fans, commenting throughout. We skip the shit we don’t want to watch. And we watch all the Ariana Grande.   `

NLO 1134: Bathroom Codes

Ya boi D-Fritz visits the studio for one day only to do a show. He’s lucky enough to be around for a therapy session with Patrick and Chip Chip Chris involving a bathroom at a Five Guys burger restaurant. Apparently, Chris isn’t good at being patient and Patrick screams across rooms. The guys went and […]

NLO 1071: Popeye’s Pizza

Superfan Sean from Liverpool sits in today as Patrick tries not to be sick. On today’s show, we talk about the holidays, discuss some awesome recent donations by fans, and so much more. Sean is in NYC while bouncing around the world on another mega-vacation. We pop in on our old pal Simply Sara to […]

Preshow 989 – Sean from Liverpool

Patrick takes Sean on a sonic journey before the show.    

AS 986 – Patrick Solo

Patrick is home from Texas, and listening to a lot of music in this aftershow. He also revisits 2 Live Crew.    

Aftershow Singtime

Patrick sings on an aftershow. You’ll probably hate it.    

Cornell Reid Comedy Mixtape

Cornell Reid’s comedy mixtape.  

AS 902 – Jake Lloyd

Jake Lloyd sticks around for an aftershow. Catch up with Jake and take a walk down memory lane. Patrick plays Jake some of his songs.    

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