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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1311: Census Senseless

Patrick sits down with Ruven Govender and Sean Michaels in Sydney, Australia. In the wake of the shooting in New Zealand, we talk about guns and killing, including the motivations and a machinations behind them, and come to absolutely zero solutions, other than thoughts and prayers. Ruven teaches us what a census is, which apparently […]

AS 1293 – Moody

Patrick does a carcast aftershow with Moody on the way to the airport. We discuss the Josh Denny situation that began developing regarding his racist tweet. We finally get some answers about solar roads.  

NLO 1293: Mean Smuggin’

Patrick sits down with Moody in New Zealand to talk about all kinds of stuff. Fan Will also joins, as we dive in to the history of New Zealand and find out why Kiwis seem to have such a disdain for Australia and it’s people. Patrick is frustrated that people don’t know how to walk […]

NLO 1051: Vis a Vis

Moody is back in Los Angeles and we are happy to put him in your ear holes again. On this show, Patrick picks up the lighter and starts burning his iPhone 6 cardboard prototype. No studio fire this time. We talk to some fans in the chat room about their past relationships and just end […]

NLO 994: Bith

It’s a New Zealand nightmare, with Moody and Will in the studio. They both talk the same, and Moody thinks this is somehow comforting. Patrick and Moody are excited about the upcoming NLO Week festivities as fans begin to arrive in town. The standup show and 1000th show are shaping up to be really good, […]

Overdose Show 14 – 5 HOUR SHOW!

Patrick pops on to do an Overdose show and we go for nearly FIVE HOURS! This one is better than the last one where we just played Draw Something for hours. Patrick talks about some awesome new stuff that fans are doing to help. Lukster steps up to help out with NLO videos. Patrick does […]