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Trouble in Vegas AGAIN!?

Pull up a Thai and order some chair. Patrick predicts an ending to the Thai Ocha Open Mic live streams and fanfare very soon. We are watching the slow train wreck that is Casper’s ego collide with the ever-changing permitter of Thai Rivera’s insecurity. It could blow at any moment. We still don’t have time for new people. Patrick thinks Vegas is turning him sour. A comedy club in Vegas has a real problem with their videos. Patrick calls Ocha Thai to see if the open mic is cancelled or if Thai is genuinely in hiding. We cover a recent violent incident on the Las Vegas comedy scene which involves a past NLO lolcow getting popped and locked. Patrick reveals never-before-seen messages from Trouble in Vegas.

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BONUS: THEFT On The Vegas Comedy Scene!?

Come along and ride on my fantastic voyage! Make money for you and your family from the comfort of your own basement! Operators are standing by to take your livelihood! Call from a landline for best results! No dogs allowed! Our old crippled comic friend Thai Rivera has dropped a new video claiming his old partner and friend AJ Rivera has been stealing money from him. With no friends, no money, and no prospects, where will Thai go next? The latest edition of the Ocha Bar Open Mic melts down in to complete dysfunction live before our eyes. Thai harasses and performs what seems to be light inappropriate behavior on a first-time young comedian.

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Patrick and a cast of kangaroo pals explore the Australian outback together in an old jeep. Trouble is right around the corner when the gang encounters a dingo in the bush! Patrick enjoys a chill Thursday watching some of the best of Las Vegas doing their thing. We check in with the Ocha Bar open mic, but it’s not going great. The “feature” comic can’t stop pacing all over the room and screaming. The internet saves us all and cuts out several times. Patrick tries to learn how to talk to legit Mexicans. We check in on the state of modern Zoom comedy and try to figure out what the attraction is. Patrick does a lot of impressions that probably aren’t very woke and may end up getting him cancelled.

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BONUS: Thai’s Money Meltdown!

We’ve got a pair of dolphins doing stunts over here and if there’s time we will be visiting a local ice creamery to see how our favorite treat goes from a cow to your cone! Jkjk there’s a lot of technical issues lately and we try to work through them. Patrick talks briefly about his experience going to Wiseguys open mic. We tune in to the Ocha Bar open mic for a bit, to see how it’s going without Thai’s main lackey there to do everything. Thai has trouble operating a clock and engaging the crowd. Casper saves the day with jokes, energy and professionalism. Thai runs on stage to melt down for the second time in three weeks to his live audience about Patrick and about not getting enough money.

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NLO Watch Party – Thai’s Comedy Calamity!

BRING SOME POPCORN! We’re checking out Thai Rivera’s so-called “open mic”, which is really just an ugly narcissist’s cope party, where he weilds his small amount of leverage to be worshipped by clueless open mic mainstays. Enjoy this “comedy show.” We watch comic after comic compete for Thai’s cruel love, until Thai finds out we are watching and CUTS THE STREAM! As soon as this show went off air, he turned the stream back on and began the final 3/4 of the show! Boooo! This show is available on YouTube or for Overdose Members only on the membership RSS feed and website.