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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "preshow"

Preshow 1254 – Kyle Legacy, Ruven Govender

A preshow from the now lost episode recorded in London with Kyle Legacy and Ruven Govender.  

Preshow 1253: Paula Gahan, Chip Chip Chris

We setup to record show 1253 with Paula Gahan and Chip Chip Chris. Enjoy these bonus conversations before the show began.  

Preshow 1150: D-Fritz Mic Issues

Daniel Fritz can’t figure out his microphone. It’s pretty rude stuff.   `

Preshow 1132 – Chip Chip Chris, Shooby

More shit from our Mackie board as we try to get the show on the road. This leads to a little pre. We pre all over the place.    

Preshow 1130 – Shooby

It’s another preshow with Shooby sitting in. These preshows are better than most of your mom’s pod shows.    

Preshow 1128 – D-Fritz

It’s time for another edition of Making Fritz Wait. This time, with way more Pablow the Blowfish in your head.    

Preshow 1105 – D-Fritz

Patrick and D-Fritz do a long preshow live in Los Angeles. Bandwidth issues and beers abound.    

Preshow 1103 – D-Fritz

Patrick makes D-Fritz wait even though it’s already super late.    

Preshow 1102 – Cory the Tat Girl

Cory swings by the studio and we do a little pre-show for the kids. This is after a big blowout and before Cory goes out for a first date.    

Preshow 1097 – Making D-Fritz Wait

Where making Fritz wait is the new American past-time! We take donations to make D-Fritz wait and hate.    

Preshow 1093 – Delaying Fritz

It’s time for a Fritz show, but Patrick is delaying. Here some classic clips in this preshow!    

Preshow 1089 – Tony Gaud

Patrick and Tony Gaud do a short preshow. There’s phones, and we check in on our buddy Drew Garabo.    

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