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The Crazy Joe Show – March 22, 2017

Catch up with Joe on this onion-tastic edition of the Crazy Joe Show. They’ve been great lately with the addition of effects and music. Check out the latest Joe hits inside. Co-hosted by Shooby.  

The Crazy Joe Remix Show

If you think you’re tired of Crazy Joe, we urge you to give this one a try. We set Crazy Joe to different beats to bring a totally new experience,and also talk about other things.  

NLO 1226: Shakes on a Plane

Comedian James Hesky is here to put to rest rumors of his suicide after the election of Donald Trump. We’re sipping on a local New York whisky and talking about what to do with a private jet supposedly being donated for 25 hours of our use. Patrick demands a larger jet with all of the […]

PM in the AM – Mon, July 4, 2016

America has a birthday and you have a PM in the AM. We talk about rap, and go over some news stories sent in by listeners.  

NLO 1109: Get Gay!

Patrick is joined in the studio by a special international guest. Long-time fan Cesar from Brazil is here, not only to play second chair but to educate us about all things Brazilian and offer a fan perspective. We discuss the latest Josh Denny happenings, a Seinfeld exhibit here in NYC, and more. Kyle from I […]

NLO 1079: Travis Darker

D-Fritz is back, and he’s gonna be your boyfriend. That just sounds like a cool catchphrase. Patrick is joined in the studio by Shooby and ya boi is on via Skype. We talk about Shooby’s latest apartment blunders. Patrick has a standup clip of himself talking about Shooby on stage. We watch the gayest rap […]

PM in the AM 20 – Rap Battles and Hymns

Patrick wakes you up with another stellar installment of PM in the AM. On this show, Lukster calls in and we listen to some rap battles, discuss the news of the day, and finish off with some holy hymns.    

PM in the AM 15 – Return of Buddas

Long lost fan Buddas calls in with some horrible new raps, and Lukster calls in too! Patrick talks to Buddas about his life, where he’s been, and more. Buddas snaps and goes off on Lukster about something. Who knows. This is a crazy one.    

AS 986 – Patrick Solo

Patrick is home from Texas, and listening to a lot of music in this aftershow. He also revisits 2 Live Crew.    

Preshow 968 – Shooby

Patrick and Shooby gear up for a fun Friday show.    

NLO 955: Taze Marlin

Tony Gaud is visiting the studio from Florida for the Ventura Comedy Festival. Patrick tries to limit the talk about the Comedy Central Up Next competition, but doesn’t do very well. We talk about people who think they are big shit, but aren’t big shit at all. We try to organize and online media blitz […]

AS 945 – Patrick, Songquest

Patrick does a short aftershow and looks for a new song to make a hit from.  

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