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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1154: One of the Greats

Mikala stops by to tell us what she’s been up to, and it’s Tindr. Apparently all you have to do to fast-track your night is be uninteresting. Patrick has a large stack of stories to go through, including the latest on the recent Amy Schumering. Comedian Ralphie May has a problem with a lot of […]

Josh Denny – The Mad Mic Podcast

Josh is up to his old tricks, lying to new friends. We tear apart this interview he did on another podcast, including the editing out of several slanderous comments and lies. We set the record straight in this 4+ hour show, co-hosted by Lukster.    

NLO 1091: Wage Fap

Everyone’s favorite boi joins Patrick today via Skype from Los Angeles. The two talk about all of the recent hullabaloo involving the victimization of women. The wage gap. Rape culture. Discrimination in the workplace. Is any of it real, or are men just being made to look like boobs while everyone sits around feeling too […]

NLO 1014: Shoeber

Shooby makes his return to the show in non-braces glory. Patrick and the Shoobs just returned from the new Jason Bateman movie where he beats a bunch of kids in a spelling bee and is pretty much a dick. Patrick reveals his new idea for an app that helps foot fashion. There’s a bunch of […]

NLO 1006: Mal Asian

Comedian and old soul Chris Porter drops in to the studio. Patrick is teaching people how to live in the silence of a joke. Chris is being pretty tolerant of Patrick’s silly mood, despite his frequent interruptions and tangents. We talk about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, what could have gone wrong, and more horrors […]

NLO 1004: Three Musk

Cornell Reid is in the studio and he’s running late. As it turns out, he got a ride home last night and didn’t realize he didn’t have his car until show time. Patrick thinks candy isn’t exciting any more as an adult. Cornell has some big news which is surprising for most of the fans. […]

NLO 982: Flab Cab

Merry Festivus, you assholes. It’s the return of Josh Denny, to everyone’s surprise. Patrick and Josh talk about the weirdo’s out in front of grocery stores, and then we find out what Josh has been up to. As it turns out, aside from putting on some weight, Josh is now the proud driver of a […]

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