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Overdose Show 8 – Wokcano

Patrick and Josh crash your Friday night fun by doing a two hour show. They force a listener in to ordering them Chinese food, Josh eats 18 pieces of sushi, watch eel porn and make fun of Asians, talk about the pros and cons of GrubHub. They talk about old McDonalds products and watch old commercials. There’s a lot of quiet and chewing when the food arrives, Patrick and Josh try to give Droid phones a fair chance, an Australian caller calls in and makes for fun times, and much more. We hope you love it.


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6 Responses to “Overdose Show 8 – Wokcano”

  1. “You’re crazy. Donald Duck was way bigger than Daffy ever was.” ~pmelt

  2. Patrick: “A porcupine dick.”
    Josh: “Wouldn’t it be all needly? I bet a porcupine dick is exactly the opposite, I bet it’s all smooth and awesome.” 
    lmaooooooooo great OD show

  3. I was eating Panda Express while watching this

  4. I really like my Galaxy SII but I would strangle a Mexican for an IPhone 4S.

  5. I fucking DIED at JD’s reaction to that video. AWESOME

  6. Josh has a great Australian accent

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