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Overdose Show 9

Patrick is fresh back from his trip to Phoenix. Most of this is just rambling, eating yogurt and other nonsense. Of course callers. There’s lots of Creed. Patrick is sleepy. Fans make Patrick watch horrible things and funny things on YouTube.


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12 Responses to “Overdose Show 9”

  1. Woohoo now overdose show!! I have been waiting for one since 4am

  2. This was awesome. From the moment where he emphasized his tattoo idea with “Jazz-Hands”, to the assortment of cute animal observing at the end. Good shit Patrick. 

  3. All this awesome content is making my other podcasts back up. Eh, fuck those other guys.

  4. The hummingbird snoring made my dog freak out.

  5. The first 10 minutes is worth my $10 for overdose. This is my first month on overdose, love ya man. 

  6. I think im in love with the girl that called in…

  7.  I hate Jessica, she’s always way too high, or acts way to high. It’s annoying as shit.

  8. Can you not screen share so the people not watching Live an see the shit you are looking at?

  9. I’m not sure what you are asking. But i am not showing porn or graphic material on uStream.

  10. I am Australian and I apologise on behalf of all of Australia for the retards at the start of the show.

  11. Jessica really chubbed up this show 

  12. My dick started turtleing during the turtle sex sounds

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