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Overdose Show 16 – Cinco de Mayo, Blind Matt

Patrick rewires the studio and does a THREE HOUR SHOW. We talk about audio issues. Josh from Phoenix calls in and we talk more about the decals. Patrick calls Blind Matt, the old fan from Tampa, and we learn what he’s up to now. We talk him in to becoming a fan again. We talk about other podcasts. We talk about how to get your friends to listen to NLO. Patrick tells an old story that happened at the podcast convention in 2006. We talk about future plans for live NLO events in other cities. Patrick gets hammered and rambles a lot. Mahmood calls in and talks about the show and Patrick’s raps.


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3 Responses to “Overdose Show 16 – Cinco de Mayo, Blind Matt”

  1. Ha! That was awesome to hear from Matt again. It’s been forever. Hopefully he can come out to LA and get some poon.

  2. I’m legally blind and I’ve never stopped listening since 2006. Not sure if that really counts me as a blind, tho. Also, thanks for giving us the Ontario standup story. I requested it in the comments awhile back.

  3. Ketchup spaghetti on toast? For breakfast? Fuck off, Moody. New Zealand is fuckin weird.

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