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Aftershow 795 – Josh Denny, Cory, Toni Ann

Patrick does an aftershow alone, until Toni Ann and Cory from NY call in. We also get Josh Denny on the phone, and try to get to the bottom of all the drama from our NYC trip. This aftershow is almost two hours, and gets heated, intimate and real like the last one. Enjoy and thanks for belonging to the Overdose!


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10 Responses to “Aftershow 795 – Josh Denny, Cory, Toni Ann”

  1. does toni like canadian guys lol

  2. Can’t seem to download this?

  3. The mp3 link is a 404 as of this posting.

  4. There is an epic battle going on in Josh, Who is the REAL Josh Denny… Stay tuned to find out.

  5. The drinkware is sexy as fuck. Can’t wait for the new store to go up.

  6. Sooo are they gonna f*&k

  7. Where can I find pics of Toni Ann? She sounds freakin hot!

  8. After all of this deconstruction of Denny, I’m left with the realization that it must be exhausting to be him.

  9. This was an awesome show … drama to the max … made being stuck in a traffic jam for an hour a hell of a lot more bearable!

  10. Links broken

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