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Aftershow 802 – Josh Denny

Josh Denny sticks around for this great aftershow. Prank calls, more Josh and Cory battling, Patrick is a hype man, rapping, real dating talk from Josh, and so much more. If you’re missing aftershows, you’re missing a whole different side of NLO!


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11 Responses to “Aftershow 802 – Josh Denny”

  1. What’s the cole slaw got in it!, i found myself laughing at how awkward Josh is when making prank calls.

  2. Josh is horrible at prank phone calls, haha, insertions of crazy comments made it better. Im glad Breen didnt end up getting bashed by you guys. 

  3. Starting to wonder if Patrick told us to try again with the song just so he can rip on us more. Eh, we’ll give it our best.

  4. I thought the song was good, I think that once you mix it better and we can actually hear what you’re saying it’ll be really good!

  5. Epic ending

  6. “The wrong midge died!” 

    Lost it

  7. Josh Denny’s Hypeman with the airhorn is awesome. Had my dying. 

  8. More airhorn nigs!

  9. Patrick as the hype man left me in fucking tears.

  10. Agreed! Bring back the hype man!

  11. Yeah, Josh should always do shows with his hype man from now on.

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