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Roseanne Roast Show – HD Video

Patrick does a live show special, covering the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne live for OD members. Commentary, callers, and fun!

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7 Responses to “Roseanne Roast Show – HD Video”

  1. any else not have sound?

  2. Ya, me too.

  3. I’ll add the show to it and reupload it and replace it. Sorry. Will take some hours. The audio is up too!

  4. damn still no sound?

  5. I “simulcast” it by playing the mp3 while watching the video. More of this! I don’t pay for TV, so it was like being able to watch the event with Patrick’s commentary!

  6. Gilbert Gottfried is just brilliant… Everyone elses things were like fat jokes and drug and alcohol jokes but Gilbert took it to a whole different level… If you haven’t seen Gilbert’s Joan Rivers roast go watch it now. Stop everything you’re doing and look it up on youtube…

  7. Indeed. One should also look at the roast of Hugh Hefner. He kills it by ripping both Hefner and Ice T.

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