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AS 880a – Jayson Thibault, D-Fritz, Buckwild

Jayson Thibault sticks around for an aftershow. We talk about a lot, D-Fritz is still high, and we take calls from Germany and Finland. We check out the show Buckwild from MTV.


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18 Responses to “AS 880a – Jayson Thibault, D-Fritz, Buckwild”

  1. both 880a and 880b cannot download but really want too

  2. Same here…

  3. Try harder?

  4. Really thats your solution is to say try harder? i pay for this shit and i dont have time to sit in front of pc watching it i would like the download mp3 link like usual but its not there, you dont have to be a fucking smart ass to a paying customer, just put in the download mp3 link as usual is all i really wanted

  5. I apologize for being testy, i just have spent thirty minutes trying to download it clicking everywhere on page and nothing

  6. When I said try harder, that means there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s working. I checked everything. I don’t have a solution for you because it’s on your end.

  7. On my end there is no mp3 link like most of the other posts, just a small embedded player that lets you listen through the site.

  8. exactly same here its why i asked about it

  9. Have a look at the page source and search for “.mp3”. Right click and save link as.

    My page had the video and an embedded mp3 player, but you can grab the mp3 file through the above method.

  10. If you want the MP3 files somewhere else, use the RSS feed to get them automatically delivered. I’m trying new things.

  11. But the aftershows are overdose, so the mp3 files won’t be on the RSS feed, correct? So I don’t see any way to download them?

  12. I only use the RSS feed to get overdose content… only the video is showing now.

  13. Could you point me out how to do that. I’m an idiot…

  14. I use beyondpod on android. First I subscribed to the OD feed with google reader, then I’ve imported that feed with beyondpod from google reader.
    The OD feed doesn’t work as well as the normal feed on android, but you don’t have to go to the site to get the stuff…I guess it works fine with i-tunes.

  15. I was twitching and rubbing my arms listening to the first 30 minutes of this show… I’m not craving crack, honest…

  16. Can you just put the mp3 download link on this page please? Pretty please? With sugar on?

  17. None of the 880 aftershows have a download link, a,b,c all just have an embedded player. Seems odd that Pmelt would have trouble figuring out the problem as just about any other show has mp3 link working just fine.

  18. Oh, yeah man. I’m just having so much trouble figuring it out. You nailed it. I just can’t figure it out. Help!

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