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AS 993 – Josh Denny, Moody, D-Frtiz

Josh Denny drops by to join Moody and D-Fritz in the studio for a long aftershow!


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5 Responses to “AS 993 – Josh Denny, Moody, D-Frtiz”

  1. Would love to see Jorsh Dornny’s website. Anyone have a link for me? Thanks in advance

  2. Just chiming in on the CrossFit discussion. I started doing CrossFit back in late September/early October. I far from in shape and I jumped right in. Any good gym will have an “onramp” or “fundamentals” class, where they will teach you the proper way to do everything before you join the regular WOD. My gym also shows every movement in the WOD right at the beginning of class so we all know what we’re doing. I couldn’t be happier with it. I go between 2 and 4 times a week and I’m really seeing results. My unsolicited advice to Patrick is to go check it out. They have free classes at most gyms at least once a week. Try a couple and find one that is non-douchey with people you will enjoy working out with. CrossFit affiliates are everywhere.

    Start today, fuck losing 50lbs to start. I thought about taking weight off first but decided to go forward after researching more. Everything in CrossFit has a scaling option and the trainers will work with you to find what is challenging without killing you. I am speaking from direct, recent experience on this.

  3. This is the video I was talking about ( ). I’ve seen Crossfit do some awesome things for friends – so it definitely has some merit. The community aspect to it is great! I’ve never had direct experience with Crossfit so can’t talk about the intricacies of it – but this video kind of left me with a bad taste. Safety is paramount to me – so no matter how good Crossfit appears or how it works – if this is what normal lifts are like, then I’m completely against it.

    However, this probably is an example of a bad Crossfit gym – so I’m not fretting too much.

  4. Yeah, I knew the video before you linked it. It makes the rounds pretty regularly. What they are *attempting* to do is called a “continental” clean and press or clean and jerk. It is used in Strongman competitions when the weight is too heavy to clean all the way up in one movement, and with “axle” style bars that are much thicker than normal bars and don’t have bearings on the end where the plates can freely rotate – so it requires way more grip strength. Everyone in that video is terrible at it. Probably because most of them are children who have little to no other weightlifting experience. Thankfully it doesn’t look like there is much weight but I agree that it looks pretty dangerous and maybe those folks shouldn’t be working with any weight on the bar at all. We’ve never done this movement at my gym, and we certainly didn’t cover it in my on-ramp classes. I’m not going to make a quality judgement about the gym itself with this being the only video I’ve seen from them, but I would be skeptical walking in there.

    Normal lifts in my gym are nothing like that, and if people were struggling that hard, the coach would be with them one-on-one with very little weight until they can complete the movements safely.

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